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Highly-Rated Mobile Detailing Services In Oxford

Get your car cleaned and detailed at your home, office, or work location
Mobile Areas We Service

And don’t worry, we have customers all spread out through Worcester County areas. So if you live in Oxford but work in Auburn that’s no problem for us. Whether it’s easier for us to work at your home location in Dudley or at your work location in Douglas, you just need to let us know.

Here’s some of our frequent detailing service areas:

  • Sutton

  • Worcester

  • Northbridge

  • North Brookfield

  • Grafton

We conveniently offer both mobile detailing services or you can drop off your vehicle at our detail shop if that works out any better for you.

Don’t see your area? No worries! Please reach out and ask. We do our best to accommodate our customers. 

We don’t charge a mobile fee, but based on how far your are, we might require a minimum price for us to go out to you. 

Need a Detailer To Come To Your Home, Office, or Work Location?

Need a mobile detailer in Oxford? Look no further! We can work on your vehicle whether you’re at your home, office, or work location. So no need for you to look for a ride, take off work early, or hassle to fight through traffic

Our Popular Detailing Services
Need a reliable and professional detailer to take care of your vehicle? Look no further! The Wright Details offers premium mobile detailing services to Oxford MA.

Here’s a list of the more popular services we offer:

Full Interior Cleaning: The goal is to clean your interior back to the best condition possible. Everything will be vacuumed (including the trunk, the fabric surfaces will be shampooed, and all the plastic and leather surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned. We’ll open up all the compartments and get into all the nooks and crannies to give your car a like-new feel.

If your vehicle is in severe condition, or has a smoke smell that you want removed, this would have to be done at our shop location with our Smoke Odor Removal.

Wash and Wax: Want to add more shine and protection to your paint? This is a great option. Your paint will be super slick and shiny once we’re done. This doesn’t remove any swirls and scratches. That would be our paint correction services.

Engine Cleaning: Whether you just purchased the vehicle, you want to sell it, or you just want to clean it up. Cleaning your engine bay will give it a better appearance and will make it easier to spot leaks. We’ll thoroughly clean the engine bay, completely dry it, and then dress all plastic and vinyl material to make it shine.

Note: We do not clean any major oil spills and do not clean underneath the engine bay. What we do is surface level cleaning for the average engine bay condition.

Premium Wash: To get your vehicle back to standard, we’ll perform our gentle foam wash to remove the bugs, grime and brake dust off your paint and wheels. This is great to maintain your level up to proper levels without adding swirls or scratches (highly recommend for vehicles that have a ceramic coating).

Headlight Restoration: Overtime, the clear coat on the headlights starts to degrade. This is what turns them hazy and foggy. With this service, we can restore them back to a like-new condition. You’ll have much better visibility at night and the car will look better overall.

Mobile Detailing FAQs

Can you perform the detail at my apartment?
Absolutely. Many of our customers stay in apartment complexes. As long as we have enough space to work (and your apartment allows detailing), there shouldn’t be a problem.

We’ll notify you when we arrive, we’ll move your car to an open area where we can work, and will call you back out once the job is done. Most apartment complexes have plenty of parking space, so we should be fine.

At this time, our van is a tad too tall to fit in parking garages. So unfortunately, we won’t be able to work inside the garage (sometimes the first floor is accessible and we might be able to do it there). As far as water and power, we have all that covered. Our van is fully equipped with a water tank, pressure washer, generator, and everything else we need to get the job done.

Can you detail my car at my job?
We try our best to accommodate your schedule, and if detailing your vehicle at your job is best, we can do that. The only thing we need is enough space to do the actual work and in some cases, we might need permission by security or property management to be on-site. Typically this isn’t a problem, but we have ran into a few issues in the past.

How do I schedule an appointment?
Awesome! For the most part, we’re by appointment only. Just fill out the form on this page and we’ll get back to you shortly. Sometimes we can schedule you in the next day, other times it might take a week for the next open slot. When possible, we will do same-day appointments, but it can be difficult to schedule like that simply due to the traffic. Trying to go from Westborough to Webster to Sutton during peak traffic can get hectic.

Do you accept card or just cash?
We accept both cash or card! 95% of the time we get paid with card. But it’s completely up to you. You’ll pay once the job is complete and you’re satisfied with the results. Additionally, we also have customers that simply can’t be there for the detail. So if you need to leave before the job is completed, no worries. You can pay before you leave or we can send you an online invoice to pay.

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